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Alex Huard
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Harmful Castle

December 2016

Harmful Castle is a game that was made for a game design class throughout the Fall 2016 semester.
A smallish proof of concept for a Castlevania style game with a Megaman X-esque movement style

The game was designed and programmed by me and Alex McGrath.
Art for the game was made by Bruno Cohen and Aiden Hawkins.

I was very happy with the end result and I feel that it controls very smoothly and I enjoy playing it.
I have always been a fan of platformers so working on one so extensively let me really apply what I liked in my own way.
Controller Support is another cool plus.


Size Cube 3

November 2016

Size Cube 3 is a game I made for a 48 hour game jam event.
Yet another addition to the Size Cube saga.

This game probably took the least amount of time for me to make but I did put a lot of thought into it. I do think that this is probably one of my more interesting game jam submissions. The ARG section was certainly a first for me and I had a lot of fun making it.
Very happy with this game. I think that it breaks the mold enough to set a direction for how I want to continue making games.

Size Cube 2: The Anime

October 2016

Size Cube 2: The Anime is a game that I made for a 48 hour game jam event. A continuation of the Size Cube series as a running joke among my friends and I. The game has vastly different gameplay compared to the original Size Cube and is pretty much a separate title entirely other than the story inclusions.

The original idea was that you need to fend off Size Cube as he attempts to enter your house. As part of this, I decided I wanted a walk around mechanic much like older point and click adventure games so you could check other entrances. Retrospectively, I think that the ability to stop Size Cube from the seat you also needed to be at to work made the mechanic useless other than being a weird feature.

Its interesting though a bit too difficult. I may upload an easier version at some other point. All in all a solid game in my eyes and an interesting application of ideas. A big issue I have with this is project that despite it being different from what I normally make, I don't think I arranged my ideas in a way that makes a fun game.

Creature Damage Counter

Summer 2016

Creature Damage Counter is a card game that I made while working at a Summer camp during 2016.

The original idea was to make as simple a card game that I could. As such there are only three cards in the game. I spent a lot of time reworking the rules to make it as balanced as I could and proxied out cards so that the campers could play too. A lot of them really enjoyed playing it and I had a lot of fun seeing what decks they came up with.

For those of you who want to play, I recommend proxying 10 of each card using sleeved Magic: The Gathering cards to hold them.

Fodio: Dig and Prosper

Spring 2016

Fodio: Dig and Prosper is a game made for a game design class I took during my Spring 2016 Semester. Its an arcade style title reminicent of Dig-Dug. The big difficulty with this project was making the digging work properly. I was very inexperienced in making this type of game and I believe that it was a great learning experience for me.

Art assets created by Charles Probeck
Trailer created by Brett DuFore


Size Cube

Febuary 2016

Size Cube is a game that I made for a 48 hour game jam event
In this game you play as Size Cube on his quest to find the man
who killed his family.

I like how it turned out though the controls are a bit wonky. I think that the platforming engine was decently made though I have made ones that I am a bigger fan of.
I realized that the mechanic of size changing was weirdly done a bit too late into development and didn't have enough time to rework it to make the gameplay more interesting. The rather abrupt ending was me jumping ship at five in the morning.


Tree Wars

November 2015

Tree Wars is a game that was made for a 48 hour game jam event.

I am very proud of how the game turned out and am proud of the final product. The game had to be Autumn themed and I started by wanting to make a game about shooting leaves as they fell from the trees. This naturally evolved into a bullet hell about shooting down ships that are shaped like pinecones and leaves. Unlike a lot of my projects I don't think that the art for this game is that bad.

I hope I can continue improving by making games like this.


Door Simulator


Door Simulator is an old project I started making when I was learning C++ in High School.

To put it simply, its a text based game about opening a door.

Every now and again I reopen the project to add more commands and recently put it on Github to give a bit of version control to it. I've also fooled around with porting it to Gamemaker or some other graphical game engine but since the game is hardcoded in C++ transfering it is a slow process. I have also been reworking a lot of old code in the project since the base game was incredibly poorly written and was made before I knew what functions were.

I am really proud of this project and find incredible enjoyment out of having others play it.
I hope that I am able to call this project finished some day.
As for now it is available to download through my Github.

Rock Simulator


Rock Simulator is a really old project I made when I was first tinkering with Unity.
If I remember correctly, I wanted to see if I could assemble assets in a way that made a nice scenery and I like to believe that I did a good job for someone who had very little experience in Unity.

The biggest bar for me with Unity development has always bee 3D modeling. For this project, I used a lot of Unity's built in assets and a few Rock models I found online.

The project focused primarily on the aesthetics with no gameplay at all really. I eventually ported this to Google Cardboard but the optimization is pretty terrible.

The following is the blurb I put for this game when I originally made this website. Though really old, I like it in a nostalgic way. I also think it well represents the jokey nature of the project.

"This may be the forefront of gaming" -Ricky Gregory
"Mother tested and kid approved" -IGN
"Stop emailing me for quotes" -Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson
The MMORPG of the century is here with full HD and a story thats too amazing to comprehend. Not since the last rocky movie has the world seen such an amazing display of rock solid action.