Alex Huard
Alex Huard
Alex Huard

I'm Alex Huard, a Game Designer, Programmer, and Gamer.

This website is to help compile and keep track of all of my projects I have worked on.
I have been making games as a hobby since I was in 5th grade using MMF2 to make games. As I've continued to make games for almost half my life, I have definitely changed styles several times and I have worked on countless ideas. A lot of my projects end only as prototypes but I believe that a good amount of them are interesting ideas that I can learn from.

Though the majority of my projects on this website are made in Gamemaker though I work with Unity a lot as well. Unfortunately as someone who primarily practices solo development, I am often unable to bring Unity projects past a prototype or proof of concept stage.

Right now the main portion of this website is the Games section but I will eventually add a Tech Demo section where I can organize my little projects that don't become games.